FitnessGram Assessment

The philosophy toward fitness is that it is a life long habit.  The objectives are consistent with the Wellness Enduring Understandings. FitnessGram Assessment is just that, an assessment. It is an opportunity to use quantifiable measurable data to gauge your present level of fitness and set goals for the pre and post assessments. Fitness level is synonymous with the Sickness to Wellness to Fitness continuum.



FitnessGram Log in: Click Here 

Copper Institute:


Setting Up Your Fitness Portfolio

Click: FitnessPortfolioSetupInstructions for PDF or follow directions below
For Video Directions follow along on you tube:
There is a new place to the HHS website called “Tech Tutorials. A link has been added to the written Fitness Portfolio Setup instructions and to a new Fitness Portfolio Setup video screencast. There is also a link to a doc called How Do I for Google Sites, which helps them with some of the other stuff with editing their portfolios.

Create your portfolio site

  1. Log into your school Google account (not a personal one).
  2. In the applications launcher , choose Sites.
  3. Click the “Create” button .
  4. Click “Browse the gallery for more” and choose “HHS Fitness Portfolio.”
    Scroll way down and click “Select.” (Depending on your screen size, it may be hidden at the bottom.)
  5. In “Name your site,” enter a name to make the site easily identifiable, such as “Tom R.’s Fitness Portfolio.”
  6. Do NOT change the “theme” at the bottom of this screen. We’ll do that later.
  7. Click “Create” at the top of the screen . Be patient while the site and portfolio is created.
  8. In a new browser tab, go to Fill in the form and paste the URL of your portfolio into the appropriate box.


(Continue for more setup instructions)

Adjust Privacy

  1. Click “Share” .
  2. Click “Change” next to “Holliston Public Schools”
  3. Change the setting to “Private” and click Save.
  4. Under “Invite people,” add your teacher’s email address and click “Share & Save.”
    Bonus tip: if you have a personal (non-HHS) gmail account, you can share it with that account as well!
  5. Below “Manage site,” click the name of your portfolio to return to it.

Get familiar with your portfolio

Take a look at the menu structure on the right. There are certain sections of the portfolio you should get to know:

  1. Introduction: This is the “cover page” for your portfolio.  You will probably want to edit this page so that a visitor knows who you are, what class and teacher this portfolio is for, why it was created, etc. Note: If you set the privacy settings according to the instructions in the previous section, there will be no visitors except for your teacher. However, partway through the course, or at the end of the semester, your teacher may want you to open the portfolio to others.
  2. 9-12 Record Sheet.: You can enter your progress on your fitness data in a nice chart here.
    Note: Sometimes, the rows start out in a weird order.  At the top of the chart, under “Test,” click “Sort…Ascending” to put the rows back in the correct order.
  3. Questions and Goals: This is the section where you enter your responses to questions designed by the Wellness Dept.
  4. FitnessGram Login: you can log into your online FitnessGram account through this link.
  5. Additional Uploads: In the future, you may want a place where you can easily upload files. This is the place.

Using Your Portfolio



Go to your Portfolio and open the tab “Record Sheet”

Next enter the data for your grade “Goals” and the “HFZ’s” columns



Directions for entering data click here:

VIDEO for entering your data and uploads to FitnessGram


1. Self Assessment

  1. Click on the present grade
  2. An Edit Box will appear. Simply fill it in based on your effort as perceived in relation to the rubric
  3. Click the “SAVE” button when completed


2. Adding data to your 9-12 Record Sheet

Note: Before you begin,if the rows appear in a strange order, you can resort the rows. Under “Test” click “Sort…Ascending.”

  1. Click the row you want to edit/fill in.
  2. Don’t rename the row, but fill in all of the rest of the important information.
  3. Click “Save” at the bottom to record your data.

3. Editing your Questions and Goals

Navigate to the Questions and Goals page.

Click the “Edit page” icon .

Click in the box and edit.  The idea is that you can type your answers directly beneath any questions.  Use the word processor bar to tweak the text (bold, italic, font-size, etc..)

Insert a picture, video, link, Google doc, or other item by clicking the “Insert” button along the top.

Be sure to click the blue “Save” button when you are done editing.


4. Adding data to online FitnessGram

  1. In your Portfoio Navigate to the right menu and click on “FitnessGram Login”
  2. Login with your user (last+first 3 letters of firs) and PW (firstname + 4 digit student id) axactly like moodle.
  3. Click on the big purple “FITNESSGRAM” icon
  4. In the right menu click on the teacher pre loaded assessment, (Mr D Pre test class)
  5. Then click on the “OPEN” icon menu_btn_open_on
  6. Then enter the same data from the record sheet in your portfolio. (note Sit & Reach will not enter above 12)
  7. Click on the “I’M DONE” icon in the upper right.

5. Uploading Report file to Portfolio

  1. In the upper left corner of FitnessGram data entry page you will see and click on an icon “VIEW REPORT”
  2. You should get a window that offers to view or save the file. Be sure to title the file with your name and pre or post test.
  3. Save the file to a folder or desktop
  4. Now go back to your PORTFOLIO
  5. In right side menu Click on “FITNESSGRAM UPLOADS”
  6. On the left you will see “ADD FILE”
  7. Locate the file location youy saved above and click “open”. The file should save to portfolio.



Changing the logo of the portfolio

You can remove the big “H” logo, or substitute it with your own image.

  1. Click “More” and choose “Edit site layout.”
  2. Click on the logo.
  3. Click “Attach a file” and import your own picture or logo.

Changing the portfolio’s design (Advanced)

  1. Click “More” and choose “Manage site.”
  2. On the bottom left, click “Themes, Colors, and Fonts.”
  3. There are three levels of change you can make, depending on how much control you want to have over how it looks.
    1. Predesigned themes: Click “Browse more themes” to get a selection of premade themes and designs.  When you first created the portfolio, you chose the “HHS Course Portfolio” template and theme.  This will give you pre-selected images, layout, fonts, and colors.
    2. Base theme: For a set of fonts, colors, and tiny layout effects, you can change the Base theme from “Blank Slate” to some other theme.
    3. Individual adjustments: you can adjust individual parts of the portfolio by selecting it from the list.



Videos I find timelessly motivating:

Team Hoyt (Dick & Rick);



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